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These houses can stand on a tabletop or hang on the wall.

Friend Nesting Cat House Dog House Spick and Span
Shoe House Sea House LogCabin Fixer Upper
CastleKeep StorybookCastle Thatched Cottage Welcome Cabin
Fresh Shop Porch House Apple Stand Gingerbread House
Adobe House Magic Shop Flower House Gaudy House Wacky House
Tudor Pub Brownstone Santa’s  House A House Divided Fir Tree House Church

Pieces A Pieces B Pieces C
Bits A Bits B Bits C
Emblem Golden Oldie Puzzle Tree Man Made
Celeste Hanging Out with the Girls Woven Woven
Keeper – Hand Keeper – Swirl Keeper – Clay Bird Keeper – Silver Bird Keeper – Hand
Old Tomes Tangled Tangled 2 Tangled 3
River Circuit Linked-In Every Which Way Squared
Shelved Silk Dreams How Sweet Sweet Enough
Held Shisha Sampler Rosewood William's Daisies
Flower Child Camouflage Midnight Cowboy Mercury’s Boot Hard Day’s Night
I-C Between the Cracks Conifer Gold Blend

Ancient Series

Animated Party Shamen Sons and Daughters Fragment Making Friends
Banz Banz 11 Previously Stated Codex 155 Codex 235 Question Question Again Laussel Tel Asmar
Dolni Vestonice Willendorf Muisca Rich Man Muisca Woman with Baskets Musica man with Headress Muisca Priest Muisca Woman with Baby
Muisca Man with Cup Muisca Man with Robe Muisca Warrior Muisca Tall Woman with Baby Dynasty When I Was Your Age
Eve's Echo


Woven Belted Laced Gathered
Tight Buttoned Tied Smocked Quilted Zipped
Patched Seamed Patched Ruffled

Ornamental Seasons Greetings Gifted in Gold Gifted in Red Gifted in Blue
Silver Tone Gold Tone Stone Soup Bygones Red Vase Golden Era
Opportunities Typing Pool Making Tea Where the Money Goes Facade
Paved with Gold Birth of a Chair Path of Destiny Colored Coins
Twos in Red Twos in Blue Twos in Green

People · Nature · Things